Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving desks..

A memo went out today from our supervisor about common courtesy among our fellow workers. Basically it said to not eat stinky food at your desk and keep your private conversations at a minimum and quiet.

Now, I don't think it was geared at me. It was probably a case of someone complained and we all got the blanket email. However, I took it a step further. I asked my supervisor if I could move.

I am loud. I admit it. I don't have social phone calls - anyone that knows me will confirm that I am NOT a phone person. But - when I start talking with my techs or with agents, I get animated and excited and just get loud. I know I do - it is just how I am. Now, I am one of the more entertaining employees and manage to keep people laughing and happy. No one can deny that.

But - professional is professional - and I have a goal to get further in the company one day. So - I was given permission to move across the aisle to the cube directly across from me. It is against a nice outside wall that doesn't care if I get giggly or engaged. I am saving myself from myself - it's a good thing!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I hate this weather. It isn't cold enough - it isn't dry enough. It is just wet.

I have one dog that LOVES to chase birds or squirrels or a leaf - and somehow manages to collect enough good black dirt to start a garden on his feet. Our other dog - very prissy - doesn't like to get dirty. But - she has a water thing. I don't know if she is on a diet or what but she drinks GALLONS of water. And then she has to go out all of the time. To top it all off - she might like to drink water but she doesn't like for her paws to get wet.

We keep a nice bucket of warm water next to the back door. Each paw gets dipped and dried. Bear doesn't mind at all. Kieran hates it. She never gets her "good job" cookie. I hate washing the fifty million dog towels that we go thru on a daily basis.

Can't wait for the heat to dry out our mud wrestling pit back yard....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dang dog

Before the animal rights activists start screaming at me - the dog is not dead - but not because I didn't want to kill her.

We have a newer dog. And - we don't like her much. Is that awful to say? I think she is mentally retarded - I really do. She doesn't know her name - she cannot understand a single command. The only word she understands is WALK. Then she goes ape-sh*t-nuts. No, I don't have a problem with the mentally retarded - just really not in the mood for a dog that is.

Anyhow, Valentine's Day quickly approaches. I had just taken my two heart shaped cake levels out of the oven and were on the rack cooling. Damn dog jumped up and ate one whole level. Just like that - gone.

Now, my other dog, Bear, is bigger and taller and not once in the three years has he jumped up on the counter. He knows better. Kieran has eaten pizza, pork chops, tator tots - you name it - she snatches it. We feed the dogs - and she eats just fine. She is just a turd.

So - the whole weekend, we have been cleaning - and I use the term "we" loosely as that would be Chris - cake piles. Luckily, she does that regurgitate sound for a good minute before anything comes up so he can get her outside in time. Not so lucky at 4am today.

I am married to a very good man.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Class Reunions

We had our first meeting last night for the big 30. I look at my face in the mirror every day - I am used to it. It is such an eye opener to see old friends - and they just look older somehow. There was one girl that was always the athletic one - always the tomboy - and very successful at it too. She might look older - but dang - she still has the body. Hate her.

Anyhow - we picked a date and a format. August 4th at the Elk's. The 25 Reunion was formal - so we are going with a more - 'thank god we are still here and which way is the bar' theme.

I already told Chris he didn't have to go! This will certainly not be a fun night for someone that doesn't know a soul!!! Maybe Meesie will go with me - I will need a DD!!!