Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Kiel graduates on May 7th. We leave at midnight that night to take him to FSU as his classes start Monday morning....

So - we are rolling a family vacation into the trip. We are pulling the girls out of school for a week. Meesie will be done for the summer. AJ can't go.

I have a giant church van reserved for week so we can move his stuff and all of us. Hotel reservations are made. Between those expenses and gas, we will have to eat peanut butter the entire time we are down there. But peanut butter will taste great while I am sitting on a beach!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My - another month...

Per Aunt Janet... the blog...

For those that don't know... my parents died very young. My father at 51 - from either a heart attack or a stroke - can't remember which - on the 4th of July no less. Mom died at 57 from an unforgiving cancer.

Needless to say - in the deep, dark corners of my brain, I worry about my kids. Let's face it - I had Riley and Alyx at the late end of the child birthing spectrum. Checking out early is not a good option as I think children at any age need their mama.

Last week, I had a strange pain while I work and I didn't think much of it but did go up and have my bp checked. And it happened again yesterday. It starts in my shoulder blade - a sharp burning pain - that travels down my left arm - numbing my fingers and causing my left hand to turn to ice. It only last about five minutes. My friend Amy dragged me upstairs to the Nurse - who did the BP and told me to go to the dang doctor.

OK - I hate doctors. I don't like to get lectured - I know what I do wrong and they never tell anyone anything good. I went today. He is not sure exactly what is wrong but was pretty sure it wasn't heart related. He thinks it is my shoulder. So - three hours later - a zillion xrays are completed. I will have results in a few days.

Oh - of course, I got lectured about my weight, lack of exercise and my drinking habits. And i go back in a month for blood work and followup visit.