Monday, February 28, 2011

What a great weekend!

Kiel played his last home game for Lincoln. It was sad - but what a great experience he has had there. He was so fortunate to have such a wonderful coach - and coaching staff. They took a huge chance on him - and I guess that certainly paid for them and Kiel!

Lots of friends came to the game - and the uncles. Kiel had his own cheering section. The game itself was incredibly dull - they creamed the other team. I think Kiel was just so thrilled to see everyone there supporting him.

So - on to the tournies. He has one makeup game this week that should be a very easy win. All of the tournament games are in Danville - so more driving. Since Lincoln won the conference - they will be seeded 1 - so we should have a pretty easy time at least the first game!

On a sadder note, poor Riley lost her first game on Saturday. She was pretty down but snapped back when the company came.

Had a great time with Lee and Phil. Kiel came home after his game also. And then AJ had a friend spend the night. So - I ran out of beds at some point! Riley slept on a floor - Alyx slept in our giant rocking chair - and AJ hit the couch. It was loud and crazy and so much fun!!!!

And now - back to work - bummer

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phi Theta Kappa

Mellisa was officially inducted on Sunday. It was a very nice ceremony - and we are so proud of her!!!

She is really concentrating on grades lately - which just shocks me. She didn't seem to give a rip in high school! She still has a very active social life and did play a sport... I think she is mastering the whole time management thing very well...

So go Meesie!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I hate back aches. I hate back aches even more when I have no idea what I did. And it isn't even in a logical place. Why does my back hurt behind my left rib cage - what is even there????

I try to find a comfortable way to sit and then three minutes later - a spasm. What the heck? I am not doing anything!!

I try to blame everything on menopause - don't think it is going to work for this ailment. This is just a you are getting old thing...

love it

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parenting woes

Kiel's team lost last night. And not just lost - spanked. Kiel had 21 points - but sucked big time. He just couldn't get his rhythm and looked so unhappy and frustrated. The other guy was fouling him all over the place and despite my yelling at the refs - watch 52 - watch 52 - no calls...

I think that is one of my hardest moments to deal with. I can see my kids struggle at success - whether it be sticking the landing on the beam or passing a math test or making a free throw. There is nothing I can do to help with some things. They are on their own and that just about kills me. I have to hope that they can reach down deep and get it done without me when I all want to do is hug them and tell them that it will be ok and tomorrow is another day....


Friday, February 4, 2011


I ordered a cute little tin from Popcorn Factory today for my godson, Dylan, for Valentine's Day.

I never know what my responsibilities are as a godparent today. Back in the day, I believe that godparents used to be the people that kind of signed up for caring for the child after the horrible demise of the parents. And then I think it became a spiritual source. Actually, I am not sure what the history is to be frank!

I know what I do. I buy gifts for major holidays. I attend family parties. I send cards of encouragement (when I remember). I am 'friended' on Facebook. I brag that he is the best of the four brothers of that family since I am involved.

What should I be doing?????

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alyx's room...

I finally got my photos of Alyx's room uploaded!

I also should mention - snow pics are on Facebook now also...


Did I mention how much I hate hearing weather stories?

Our home offices were closed yesterday due to the foot of snow and horrible drifting. Now, you know how people fish - and that fish they caught just keeps getting bigger and bigger? Yea, that happens with snow drifts. Lordie... I guess no one has any work to do today around here...

The girls had an absolute BLAST yesterday in the snow. One of our super wonderful neighbors came over with his snow blower and helped Chris finish the driveway. And he chiseled the coolest tunnel ever on the sidewalk that the girls used as a snowball fort. I was the official hot chocolate and dry mittens mom. Our dryer was going all day!!

Yes, I took tons of photos. I have been slacking on getting them uploaded - maybe tonite...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I hate it when people talk about weather.

Yes, we COULD have a major storm coming - but let's get real - we live in freakin Illinois.

We get snow - we get ice - we get subzero temperatures.

You would think the people at work live in Florida as much as they complain and moan and talk about the weather. I listened to quarter hour weather updates all afternoon yesterday - and the storm hadn't even come close to Illinois yet! Really? Is your life that empty that you have to fill it with worry?

Embrace the possibility of a blizzard! Have a warm fire. Spend some quality time with the kids playing Yahtzee in candlelight. Tell stories. Share dreams.

I loved horrible weather when we were kids. My dad was too much fun then. My all time favorite entertainment was playing Hide and Seek when the power went out. That was scary as hell! And dad always made it worse by making floors creak - or spooky moaning sounds - and jumping out and scaring the CRAP out of us! We would just giggle and giggle.

I also remember an Easter (I think it was) that we had some huge ice storm and the power was out for a week. We lived in the camper and were toasty warm - crowded -but warm and fed. We even had guests over?? How in the world did we fit that many people in that tiny camper!?!

Awwww - good times...