Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alyx's bday, Part II

Since Alyx's birthday is in June - and it is so hard to get her little friends together in the summer, we try to take little trips in her honor.

This year, we are off to Chicago. We are staying with Uncle Lee on Thursday and Friday night; Friday will be spent at Six Flags; Saturday will be Lincoln Park Zoo and the beach.

I used to love roller coasters. I remember going to King's Island with family during the Cincinnati Reunions. For some reason, I remember Uncle Henry the most. He loved them and would just grin after riding. At least that's how I remember it. Maybe he and dad were drinking beer - who knows. I plan on not eating a thing after noon on Thursday and limiting my liquid intake. I used to be able to handle these things but I am not sure if this old stomach can deal with it anymore!! And let's face it - the coasters have advanced considerably! Might even need to invest in some Imodium!!!

Mellisa is going to go with us. She barely fits on the rides but she loves them. AJ and Kiel haven't been able to fit for a while. Riley is tall enough and is very excited. Alyx is now tall enough but I am not sure she is ready for the experience although she says she is. We will just see how that goes once she is standing in line for hours thinking about it!

We are leaving Mellisa in Chicago when we leave. She is going to hang out with Uncle Lee for awhile this summer. I think she is planning on walking the dogs to the beach every day and scope for men. Hopefully, he won't want to kill her by the time she comes home!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Here's the deal - I love to tell stories. I tell stories about whatever crazy thing happened to my family to my coworkers. So, I get it out of my system so I forget to blog.

This event is still worthy of blogging.

Alyx. Wow - she will be the death of me. That girl is nothing BUT attitude. I had attitude; Mellisa has attitude; Alyx could teach the both of us how it is really done.

Alyx has a friend that is in Jr. Hi. I know - Alyx is turning 9 tomorrow so it seems strange that a 13 yr old would want to hang out with her. I think it is more like a big sister thing but Alyx is certainly learning some things that I don't like. Last evening was a great example.

Riley had a softball game. It was doing that spritzy mist and was colder than March. I have no idea why the game didn't cancel - but I digress.

We finally found Alyx and I told her to march upstairs and get on some jeans. Stomp, stomp, stomp. I hear things being thrown, yelling, slamming. I go upstairs. Yelling begins. We find jeans. Stomp, stomp, stomp down the stairs. Crying starts with more yelling. I guess she has lost her favorite green jacket with butterflies. I told her to get another jacket. No, this is the jacket and she thinks she left it in the corn field.

Excuse me? Cornfield? She is not supposed to play in the cornfield. So - I start yelling about the cornfield. She is yelling because she wants us to go find her jacket. Chris, Riley and Mellisa slowly sneak out the front door to the car. I am left with drama queen. I told her - tough - you lost the jacket now get your fanny in the car. Stomp, stomp, stomp - and big slam. That honked me off. I went running outside. She is in the backseat, screaming at the top of her lungs and kicking the seat. I open the door and told her to get over it. We don't play in cornfields and we don't look for a jacket in the pouring down rain when Riley is going to be late to her game. Keep in mind, Chris, Riley and Mellisa are sitting in the car as well. Stonefaced. I am not even sure they are breathing.

I get in the car and back up. Chris says in a meek voice - maybe we could just drive by the cornfield and see if we see it? Fine. I was completely willing to forget about the dang jacket.

Oh - forgot that Holly and AJ came home in the middle of all of this. Poor Holly - she has no idea how crazy life gets at our house.

So - our car in now sitting at the cornfield. AJ and Holly pull up in their truck.

We all start looking in the cornfield. Keep in mind - it is raining and it is freaking freezing. And did I mention that the jacket was green? Yea - corn is still green in June. Oh - and that thigh-high by July - garbage. Dang stalks were taller than Alyx. And they are sharp.

Alyx is still screaming and crying in the rows. I am screaming right back. I hate to think what the neighbors thought we were doing. Seven people walking around in the rain in a cornfield.

Holly found the jacket - she is the hero.