Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation weekend

Meesie's big day quickly approaches. And I, for one, cannot wait!

AJ's graduation - I cried like a baby. I was devastated. Kiel's - I was sad but happy for him and all of the exciting things that would be happening for him. Mellisa's - what can I say? The girl needs to go to college before harm is done...

I love Mellisa - and some days, life is good. Then there are days that I could just about kill her. Her mood swings are worse than mine if that's possible. It doesn't help that she was 'done' with high school back in September!

Anyhow - I look forward to Saturday - and I hope we both survive the summer!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ten years already?

Today is our ten year anniversary. I truly do not think Chris had any idea what he was getting into! But he has hung in there - and wow, what a lucky girl I am.

Lots that I could say - but I would just start crying (I think that's all I could do during the wedding too!)

Anyhow - love you more Christopher...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Myers Briggs

Two years ago - I took a class that 'typed' myself. I was supposed to use this information to help me become a more professional person - and work better with others.

If you follow my blog at all - you know that we have a very strained team that I work with. I tend to be the middle ground and keep the peace. Well, the situation had gotten so out of hand that our supervisor had HR develop a class just for our team. So today, the 7 of us got a refresher course on how to be a decent human being.

Lovely. Not sure it worked - and my, it was exhausting. I don't like thinking that hard about feelings and relationships. Just do your damn job and grow up.

By the way - I am typed as an ENTJ - which is the bitchy corner. http://typelogic.com/entj.html

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Big TB

AJ - what a big sweetheart with a heart of gold.

Just a quick story...

He was picking up one of his kidney dialysis patients this weekend. She was sitting outside on her steps - which he thought was strange as it was rather cold out. She told him that she wasn't going to treatment - she wasn't feeling well. So he helped her back in the house and left for his next pickup.

He drove a bit - then thought about a strange looking wet spot on the step. He drove back to check on her. Come to find out - she had fallen and hit her head and blood was dripping everywhere. So - he called 911 and waited with her for the ambulance.

Poor kid. Chris told me that AJ was just crying his eyes out. He worries so much about his people - and wondered what would have happened if he would not have come back to check on her.

What a sweetheart - the world is so much better because of him...

Friday, May 7, 2010


Just a quick run down of the kids for those that follow these things...

I have decided that Alyx somehow picked up Uncle Lee's gene for money. She is loaded. And loans money to her broke family. We have to sign a post it note - place it on the front door - and she expects the money to be paid back immediately. Quite scary actually. She even counts it when it is returned. Not bad for someone in 2nd grade that is just now learning about money. My only fear - when do schools teach about interest...

Riley had her end of year Student Council lunch. She rec'd a wonderful certificate and has it proudly displayed on the fridge. She loves the whole politics thing. Oh - and the cast that was a lovely neon orange - is basically black with orange flecks. I swear half the town has signed that thing. And softball has started and she is so cute with her cast and her mitt.

Meesie was with Travis - broke up with Travis - back together with Travis. I am sure today will bring a new update. Thank heavens for Facebook or I would lose track. I had to tell her Lincoln volleyball coach that our family was uncomfortable sending out letters to our friends and family requesting donations to the volleyball team (the girls were asked to send in an address list & names). First of all, I didn't know that we were still fundraising in college - crap. Secondly, times are tough all over - wow. Chris and I talked - we are just going to do our own non-hassle fundraiser and send in a check. It was not a fun email to send - and I am not sure how well it was rec'd but at least I was honest and I feel better.

Kiel is back home - for three days. He leaves for LA on Tuesday morning. In the future, I will be vetoing these little 'unofficial' visits. This one is costing about $1000. Or at least, he will have to 'unofficial' a little closer to home and stay in a tent!!

AJ has a new 'friend'. I haven't met her. I have only seen a couple pictures on Facebook as she is one of AJ's friends there. They are going to a movie tonite. A friend at work won two tickets to the Brooks & Dunn/Jason Aldean concert next week and gave them to me as she will be out of town. I am not a country music fan - AJ is not a country music fan - but his 'friend' is! So, they will be going to the concert next Saturday night. I told AJ if you really like this girl, you will do a lot of things that make her happy that might not thrill you. Compromise and giving are great relationship skills...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The garden expansion

The Nichols household officially has the gardening bug...

We doubled the size of the garden this weekend. We now have a strawberry plot, grape plot, a corner for blackberries, a larger herb garden, a tomato plot, an area for garlic and onions, a row for our banana plants and a small area for whatever looks good (probably green & red peppers).

Still have a lot of work to do - but the frame is in. I sprayed to kill the grass & the landscape fabric is purchased. Chris is going to order the truck of dirt and mulch this week for our delivery. I think we will need to buy a new wheelbarrow though... Good thing Kiel comes home this weekend!!!