Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Big TB

AJ - what a big sweetheart with a heart of gold.

Just a quick story...

He was picking up one of his kidney dialysis patients this weekend. She was sitting outside on her steps - which he thought was strange as it was rather cold out. She told him that she wasn't going to treatment - she wasn't feeling well. So he helped her back in the house and left for his next pickup.

He drove a bit - then thought about a strange looking wet spot on the step. He drove back to check on her. Come to find out - she had fallen and hit her head and blood was dripping everywhere. So - he called 911 and waited with her for the ambulance.

Poor kid. Chris told me that AJ was just crying his eyes out. He worries so much about his people - and wondered what would have happened if he would not have come back to check on her.

What a sweetheart - the world is so much better because of him...

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