Monday, February 28, 2011

What a great weekend!

Kiel played his last home game for Lincoln. It was sad - but what a great experience he has had there. He was so fortunate to have such a wonderful coach - and coaching staff. They took a huge chance on him - and I guess that certainly paid for them and Kiel!

Lots of friends came to the game - and the uncles. Kiel had his own cheering section. The game itself was incredibly dull - they creamed the other team. I think Kiel was just so thrilled to see everyone there supporting him.

So - on to the tournies. He has one makeup game this week that should be a very easy win. All of the tournament games are in Danville - so more driving. Since Lincoln won the conference - they will be seeded 1 - so we should have a pretty easy time at least the first game!

On a sadder note, poor Riley lost her first game on Saturday. She was pretty down but snapped back when the company came.

Had a great time with Lee and Phil. Kiel came home after his game also. And then AJ had a friend spend the night. So - I ran out of beds at some point! Riley slept on a floor - Alyx slept in our giant rocking chair - and AJ hit the couch. It was loud and crazy and so much fun!!!!

And now - back to work - bummer

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