Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I hate it when people talk about weather.

Yes, we COULD have a major storm coming - but let's get real - we live in freakin Illinois.

We get snow - we get ice - we get subzero temperatures.

You would think the people at work live in Florida as much as they complain and moan and talk about the weather. I listened to quarter hour weather updates all afternoon yesterday - and the storm hadn't even come close to Illinois yet! Really? Is your life that empty that you have to fill it with worry?

Embrace the possibility of a blizzard! Have a warm fire. Spend some quality time with the kids playing Yahtzee in candlelight. Tell stories. Share dreams.

I loved horrible weather when we were kids. My dad was too much fun then. My all time favorite entertainment was playing Hide and Seek when the power went out. That was scary as hell! And dad always made it worse by making floors creak - or spooky moaning sounds - and jumping out and scaring the CRAP out of us! We would just giggle and giggle.

I also remember an Easter (I think it was) that we had some huge ice storm and the power was out for a week. We lived in the camper and were toasty warm - crowded -but warm and fed. We even had guests over?? How in the world did we fit that many people in that tiny camper!?!

Awwww - good times...


  1. I remember that Easter in the camper too. Didn't dad cook canned beans one night on the stove??? Ended up being a big mistake!