Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parenting woes

Kiel's team lost last night. And not just lost - spanked. Kiel had 21 points - but sucked big time. He just couldn't get his rhythm and looked so unhappy and frustrated. The other guy was fouling him all over the place and despite my yelling at the refs - watch 52 - watch 52 - no calls...

I think that is one of my hardest moments to deal with. I can see my kids struggle at success - whether it be sticking the landing on the beam or passing a math test or making a free throw. There is nothing I can do to help with some things. They are on their own and that just about kills me. I have to hope that they can reach down deep and get it done without me when I all want to do is hug them and tell them that it will be ok and tomorrow is another day....


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