Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is this?

So - due to peer pressure - an entry!!!

Today, one of the girls I work with brought in a bag of these "cherries". At least that was what she called them. I didn't recognize them so I passed. Now, I am not a food snob - but I had not seen this 'fruit' before. I guess some neighbor of her's found them in the woods and gave them to her.

No one at work has seen these things before and I can't find them on the internet. Several people did say that they thought they were a weed that grows out on farms. I dunno...

Here is a poor picture. They do have a beige, flakey, thin paper-like outer layer that peels easily. Inside is a pinkish-greenish berry that is very sour (or so I was told).


  1. This looks something like a tomatillo. They can be several different colors. Purple, green, yellow, and red. They have a paper like husk. We use them in Mexican cooking.

    I have been told that this is it...

  3. Interesting. Also I noticed the tomatillo is in the family.