Saturday, February 21, 2009

more concessions

So - Friday night was Kiel's Senior Night. He was AWESOME!!! I can't remember the stats but something like 14 points, a few rebounds, he was just great and I am so proud. It was a tad disappointing as the rest of the school chickened out and didn't come to the game due to the threat - but it was memorable regardless. I think the most disappointing portion of the night was the fact that the Junior Parents did not do diddle for the Seniors. Last year, I had a huge cake, lovely punch, nuts, photo ops - the whole nine yards. This year - zippo. I was kind of honked but some parents are just selfish and just can't get past the nose on their face. Whatever. Saturday morning - all day swimmeet - so more concessions. I did get to take break and watch my superstar Riley rock the basketball court during her game. She had 8 points and they beat the undefeated team in their league! Quiet night tonight. AJ is at work, Kiel had a game in Peoria, Mellisa went out with friends to see Tyler Perry's new movie and Chris went to his friend Ivan's. So the girls and I ate chocolate pie by a roaring fire. It was a wonderful finish to the hectic day!

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  1. I am sure you are my child and not Maryann's. You are as lovely as I am, and probably as humble. Oh my word you can't deny being a Triplett. Welcome to the world of blogging. It really helps when you need to vent.