Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's talk about gynos...

I am a pretty bold, forward thinking female. Not much gets past me. I am open, brutally honest and I think very accepting of other people (except stupid people - can't wrap myself around them). My life is an open book - and any topic is free range for me. I am not a private person. I am not ashamed of my body - although I would change a few things about it! I have always had open conversations with my daughter, husband, coworkers - whoever wants to listen. I will even openly discuss gyno issues.


One of the perks at my job is monthly sessions on health issues over the lunch hour. Today, there is a flyer for a lunch and learn on women's health and the speaker is my physician's assistant. I see her for everything. She listens and actually sits with me to discuss topics. But - I am usually in my little pink napkin (cause we know those gowns don't cover a dang thing) and in the privacy of a little exam room. She even decorated several of her exam rooms with a theme. I usually pick the 'beach' room - shells, muted paint shades, draperies, lovely chairs, etc. She makes those visits as pleasant as possible.

Anyhow - they are serving light deserts as well for this lunch. I dunno. I just have a hard time picturing myself having light dessert with my gyno. I won't be attending... Just too strange.... It would be like meeting your minister in a sauna or something...

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