Friday, October 22, 2010


Blogging has been difficult lately - life is very busy...

I went to the doctor this week. Blood Pressure is not very good. Borderline numbers. So I have been going to the nurse at work for a check every day. It is about 140/90 on average. I know it is weight related... Poo... They are doubling my crazy meds. Can't imagine why?!?

I have one of my insurance licensing tests next week. I took my pre-test today - 84%. Not bad - not my usual 90's but good enough considering. I will study my rough chapters more this weekend but I am not really in my normal panic mode.

I had been working on a decorating thing for Mellisa's volleyball team. The coach asked me a month ago to have decor for the final game (10/29) with a tropical theme. So - I have a huge Tiki hut made from 2x4's, huge trees (made from old 2liter bottles), tiki torches set in buckets and sand, tropical mini-lights, about a hundred flip flops made from construction paper for the walls - you get the idea. He decided yesterday to go with a Halloween theme. Yea - good thing he told me over email. I am over it now - but wow. I packed it all up and put it in storage last night. One day, I will have one hell of a luau.

I am chairing a Spaghetti dinner fundraiser/art exhibit for the girl's elementary school. That is coming together very well - great volunteers. That dinner is Nov. 5th. We should make money. I have one kindergarten parent that is getting my sponsors for our placemats - that's just pure profit there. I ordered cute red/white table covers from Oriental Trading. And I am using some glass floaty bowls that I already had (I think I have 12) filled with dried pasta and one of those battery candles (which I have to buy - but will be very handy to have for all of my little projects). Art portion is free - and the artwork is coming from the kids - should be very cute.

I met with my committee for the school board project. Luckily, I did NOT volunteer to chair that!!! Chris would have killed me. The committee I am on is making recommendations to the school board on how to improve college and career readiness at the early childhood level. Basically, it is tons of research and surveys all rolled into a gigantic research paper. Due date in March. Yikes.

Chris was a sweetheart and moved all of the bananas trees into our bedroom one of the weekends in was in Chicago (vaulted ceiling). It is very nice going to sleep feeling like I am in a paradise. Maybe I should hang the luau stuff up in there!!

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