Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicago - Round 2

Last weekend, Mellisa and I had a wonderful time with Lee and Phil in Chicago. It really wasn't supposed to happen - as I somehow had the wrong weekend! So - two weekends in Chicago for me!

We went to Millennium Park - saw the Jellybean, the fountain with the faces and Clint Black at the Country Music Festival. Now, I am not a country fan by any means - but it was fun to people watch. Zillions of cops - and lots of pot smoke wafting thru the air. Gotta love it.... Saturday was prime shopping for mom and Meesie. Saturday night - Ethiopian food. Not much to look at - but wow - the taste was phenomenal.

This weekend - I am meeting Aunt Lynette and Betsy in Chicago - and all of us are hanging out with Lee and Phil again. Cannot wait!!!

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