Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walter Bond

COUNTRY actually hired an awesome motivational speaker!!! If you ever get a chance to listen to him - please go. He was funny, current, emotional - just loved him. He talks about his desire to become an NBA player - and all of the drive and determination that takes. He relates his life to business now but wow, it really struck home with me and the things that have happened in my past and with Kiel.

I wish Kiel could have heard him. I did grab a flyer and gave it to Coach Jones when he visited last night. I hope FSU is able to at least grab a DVD or something.

My favorite phrase he used - "Confidence is arrogance under control". That is what Kiel needs to hear!!! We used to be confident but have now crossed the little line over to arrogance. I can't wait till the season starts and someone knocks him on his butt and he gets a little reality knocked into him. It might not happen this year - but wait till FSU season. There is always someone bigger, faster, stronger... Big fish in a small pond comes to mind... I love Kiel - I love that he has this wonderful future - but I hope he doesn't forget himself...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's talk about gynos...

I am a pretty bold, forward thinking female. Not much gets past me. I am open, brutally honest and I think very accepting of other people (except stupid people - can't wrap myself around them). My life is an open book - and any topic is free range for me. I am not a private person. I am not ashamed of my body - although I would change a few things about it! I have always had open conversations with my daughter, husband, coworkers - whoever wants to listen. I will even openly discuss gyno issues.


One of the perks at my job is monthly sessions on health issues over the lunch hour. Today, there is a flyer for a lunch and learn on women's health and the speaker is my physician's assistant. I see her for everything. She listens and actually sits with me to discuss topics. But - I am usually in my little pink napkin (cause we know those gowns don't cover a dang thing) and in the privacy of a little exam room. She even decorated several of her exam rooms with a theme. I usually pick the 'beach' room - shells, muted paint shades, draperies, lovely chairs, etc. She makes those visits as pleasant as possible.

Anyhow - they are serving light deserts as well for this lunch. I dunno. I just have a hard time picturing myself having light dessert with my gyno. I won't be attending... Just too strange.... It would be like meeting your minister in a sauna or something...

Friday, September 17, 2010


This has been a long month.

Meesie is continuing to be the most awesome middle blocker on the planet - no bias there...
Kiel has given his verbal official to attend Florida State.
Alyx is the gymnastics queen and just about has her flip flop down.
Riley has applied to be in Student Council again.
AJ is still working - but about finished that degree.

You are welcome Christopher