Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Graduation was nice. People weren't nearly as rude as I expected.

There was one grandma that was cracking me up. She had this bouquet of wildflowers and you would have thought they were dipped in gold. It looked like they came straight from the WalMart florist and were wrapped in the most crackly sounding cellophane. She had an extra large paper cup filled with water that she was using to keep the flowers fresh. This woman messed with those flowers thru the entire ceremony. She would move them to her left, to her right, pass them down for someone else to hold, they would pass them back - it was crazy. At some point, we stood. She spilled the cup and water went everywhere. The row in front of her had wet purses. Her granddaughter (maybe 3) kept walking thru it and got her shoes soaked. Grandma put her on the chair so she could see. Then we sit down again. Now, the dress is wet - and dirty. So the mom takes her to the bathroom. It was such an ordeal. But, it kept Chris and myself very entertained.

I won't even start on the people saving entire rows - and then having their people not show or so late that the graduates were already seated.

I didn't cry a bit until we went outside for pictures and Kiel's coach had them all huddle around while he said a little prayer. I cried. Those guys had been Kiel's family for two years - and he probably won't see them again. Just sad....

So - the trip.

Kudos to Chris - he drove the whole stinking way. Yes, I tried to give him a break but he was on a roll. The giant church van worked very well - plenty of room for everyone and Kiel's apartment stuff. Kudos to Meesie too. She made it down to Florida with mono - and actually could eat food about the third day into the trip!

I didn't get upset at all dropping Kiel off. He was so excited and I was happy for him. What an adventure!

St. George Island is beautiful. I want to live there. It is not touristy at all - there are no giant bars or casinos or junk store strips. It is just sand and gulf and peace.

I burned my feet. I slathered so much sunscreen on me that I was whiter than white. All we can figure is that I walked too much and 'exfoliated' my sunscreen off my my feet. This was day one. I could not walk day two - literally. It stung so badly that I almost cried. We did spend three days on the beach though - we just really watched our timing!

Kiel called Sunday night - Mom - can you order me a pizza? Yes, he is in Florida and wants food. Thank goodness Papa John's is national. He might be growing up but he still needs his mama for some things...

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