Monday, August 29, 2011

Part II

So - I went to tell my supervisor the update.

The place that I work changed their short term disability in January. It used to take effect on the 6th day - and would retro pay for the first week that we were off. Now, it takes effect on the 7th calendar day - and has no retro pay. Employees are supposed to use their PTO for the five days or unpaid leave.

Now, I have not worked here very long. I was a contractor for years but not a 'true' employee. So i have ZIPPO PTO time. I did take five days in May to move Kiel to Florida and a few days at the beach. The rest of the PTO time was spent at doctor's appointments.

I work hard. I get to work at 6:30 and work until 3:15 - way beyond my required 7.75 hours. I read email in the evenings and I am on call 24x7. I take LOMA tests (which are beyond my job requirement - as it is for insurance licensing, etc). I was on a team on five in January - but due to staff shuffling - I am now on a team of three - without any workload reduction.

Anyway - my supervisor only says - well, if you have to take unpaid time - then that is a performance issue. WHAT???? She said - well, I had to take some time off for illness - and I managed my PTO. Hello - she has been there for 30 years - and probably has three months or something assanine for PTO. I should have managed my time better according to the rules. This is also something that an employee can be terminated over.

Keep in mind - I wasn't expecting anyone to pay for my non-PTO time. But I sure as crap didn't think that I might not get a raise or fired due to a tumor!!!

Chris and I have talked. I can't afford to lose my job. I will hang on to my lovely tumor until I have enough PTO to take it off officially and then schedule the surgery.

The side effects of the tumor aren't too bad. Osteoporosis, heartburn, kidney stones and dementia, headaches, depression, thinning hair (it falls out like crazy). Great.

I think it is criminal and wrong.

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