Thursday, October 27, 2011

The details... (just for Aunt Janet)

The tumor is out - and life is returning to normal (ha).

The surgery team thought it would be funny to have the patient that is located the furthest away from Chicago to have the first surgical slot - so we had to be there at 6am - which meant a 3:45am departure time. Chris was awesome and let me sleep.

I don't remember much other than there were a lot of very cute, young doctors (I highly recommend teaching hospitals). I did manage to talk the anesthesiologist into taking a picture of my tumor before it went to pathology. He is supposed to be sending it to me - and it is very cool looking by the way - but I don't have it yet. Probably against some rule.

The other interesting part - there are no fun drugs for this surgery. No painkillers - nada. I have been taking extra strength Tylenol. The stitches came out at the hospital the very next day (which is why I had to spend the night). I actually have very little pain - just a lot of discomfort. And my throat is just now starting to feel better - it really hurt to talk the first couple of days. I take a lot of Tums to take over for the calcium loss - at least until the other parathyroids come back from their vacation...

I do go back tomorrow to have my followup with the surgeon and get the little tapes off my throat.

Chris took a picture of my throat - it would be perfect for a throat slasher victim for Halloween!

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  1. Aunt Janet says thanks. Glad it all went well and you are feeling better. I had a tumor on my thyroid and have a scar to match yours. I didn't get any good drugs either.

    A couple of warnings: driving, turning to back up or check the lane beside you is difficult. High neck shirts, even necklaces will feel as if you are choking for a long time. You will be tired for at least a month.

    Milk it as long as you can.