Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How sad...

I am so super excited - our can recycling place is having an Earth Day special! Ten cents extra per base price the week of the 16th!!! ( We should make about fifty bucks this month! Sometimes it is good that I have a Diet Coke addiction!

I blame my straw thing on my Nana Red - but the Diet Coke has to be my Aunt Janet's fault. I remember when I was in my "Mel training" that she allowed herself a Diet Coke a day. Well, I do way more than that now but I think that was when my problem started!


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  2. Now that I have figured out how to spell, a repost. I don't think your addiction is my fault. I am pretty sure you had had a Diet Coke before living with us. Next you will blame me for introducing you to wine and other spirits.

    Oh, wait, I did.