Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post Prom

Big meeting last night. It was our last committee chair meeting for the big event. $17,000 is our budget - so hopefully, we can pull this off.

Our casino chair made me a bit nervous - she mispronounced 'roulette'. Luckily, she isn't one of the 15 dealers for this night - I am not sure she would have a clue. She thought that the kids would be playing spades and was curious what the chips were for...

Tickets were the big controversy last night - how many can a student earn, do we give them out for sliding down a slide, etc. We have a zillion inflatables, sumo suits and the games - each earns tickets. The tickets are turned in for raffle prizes. I think the prize committee is awarding $25 cash every 15 minutes - with grand prizes at the end. They have purchased a laptop, Wii, sports tickets, flat screen TV, etc. I wish I qualified! There is a hypnotist show at the end that I hear is great - hope I can stay awake that long...

I am only in charge of the custodial staff - which I have bonded with over my years in the concession stand. They are a great group of guys. One of my favorites - the night supervisor in fact, is retiring after this class graduates. I will miss him - no matter what happened, he always kept his cool. So, I have the easy job for the night. I have my floor plan and each committees' equipment needs to get into a spreadsheet - easy as pie. Then I just walk around with the walkie talkie and call when we have messes or blown fuses!

One of the moms was throwing a fit about the cost for Prom. Well, we have NOTHING to do with Prom. Officially, we are not even a school-sponsored event (don't get me started on that fiasco). It is expensive - it's Prom. There are tuxes; there are shoes; there is hair and nails; there is ridiculously priced dresses; there are flowers; there are pictures; there are dinners; there are tickets; there are commemorative t-shirts; there may even be limos. It is Prom. I have no idea what she expected us to do. She wanted to know what Junior signed the contract for the facility that they are renting. What? Is she going to yell at them? True be told, the banquet facility was probably reserved five years ago... I have no idea what she plans on doing - but she better be afraid if she goes after Mellisa! Mellisa is the secretary for the junior board - and wow, she is not afraid to speak her mind! I wonder where she gets that?

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