Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's the deal?

I have been way too busy at work lately! It is really starting to conflict with my blogging efforts. In a quick synopsis...
Kiel, Rachel and I tried on tuxes. Poor Kiel - he is too tall. Refer to the updated Kiel pic on the left! He will look fantastic. And we will match Rachel...
Riley and Alyx had casual pic day at school - so I will update their pic to individual ones when I get something. I did add "their day at concessions with mom" picture though...
I have my 'clearance' appointment with the urologist today - I am sure I will be fine. Darn - I liked not being able to lift anything!!!
AJ is great - getting thru the dreaded math class. I think he did ok on his last test so he might be a step closer to that Assoc. degree after all!
Chris is good - budget cuts at the farm but he is still hanging in there.

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