Friday, April 24, 2009

Recruiting update

Well, we met with Lincoln Jr. Co. on Wednesday. Great coach - team place third in the nation last year - and have a history of top finishes for quite a while. He offered Kiel one of his out of state scholarships - which means tuition and books - which amounts to about $21,000/year. He can't pay housing/food - but that is only $6000/year. Although it is a JuCo - they do offer upper level courses in criminal justice so he could start focusing on that as well. He might redshirt him his first year - not sure about that yet. But - he would give him a full ride regardless of status.

We didn't sign yet - although we probably will. It's close - I like the coach - it's residential so he can get the 'college experience' and the coach was excited about helping him find a 4-year school to finish. He has a school in Tennessee and one in Wisconsin still looking at him...

but WOOHOO!!!

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