Monday, March 30, 2009

Prom Season - 4/25

Prom season approacheth.

We found a lovely woman to make Mellisa's dress. We found the pattern and the black satin fabric for the gown, black silky stuff for the lining (so she can be slipless)and a wonderful black and silver brocade for the little jacket. It is long, strapless, with a small train. She will look beautiful. The fabric was about $67 - and this crazy woman is only charging us $50! Mellisa has had 2 fittings already - the work is phenomenal. I am amazed. We will be giving a large tip. My girlfriend's daughter's dress was $425! Yikes!

Mellisa is going dateless as of today. She has this on again/off again guy that hangs out here constantly that swears he won't be going. So - she asked someone else who just says, IDK. So - since she is on the Junior Board - she goes regardless. She will be the most gorgeous dateless girl there and the guys will just kick themselves!!

Kiel announced via text today that he is going now with a girl that he has known since 3rd grade practically. I know her - she is wonderful - her mom is wonderful - and I have thought for YEARS that they should date but I always got the "mom, we are just close friends" - duh - those are the BEST people to date. So - tux shopping commences. Of course, I can't shop unless Rachel can go too - so we match and all that - so this is planned for tomorrow.

Hair appointments have been made. This requires 3 for Mellisa - color, relaxer and the up-do - all one week apart. At least Kiel is only the one appointment - and I remembered to do it a week in advance.

Tanning has started. Mellisa burned. Now, AJ thinks that this is hysterical. He didn't understand why when he feels all three of them are already the "default color of tan" - that just cracked me up!

Order forms are due this week. Kiel will be paying for Rachel of course - so that ticket will be $120 - this includes the dinner for 2, the prom tickets, the post prom tickets and 2 t-shirts - does not include pics. Mellisa will have some discount for doing all of the decorating, etc.

Now, of course, I will spoil all fun at After Prom since I am on the board for that. Too bad I can't sneak a flask in - maybe I should work the front and confiscate one of the kid's!!! This ends at 4:30am. What was I thinking? I haven't seen midnight in ten years!

I will have to update as the date nears...

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