Monday, March 2, 2009

Back again

Well, I survived - more importantly, my family survived! Just a little sore and tired but I will live to see another day... Back at work - my coworkers are awesome! They sent flowers - how many people do that anymore?!? My bedside table was so much nicer - and smelled so much better!!! They even did my work for me while I was gone - that was the best gift ever! And it made me feel so much better when one of my area's installs still crapped out - at least I knew it wasn't anything I did and maybe I might have been missed!!!

I was looking over my calendar for March. I am very frightened - next week was white (blank). Kiel's bball season ends this week (unless they make the playoffs); Riley's bball season ends this week; Mellisa's volleyball season ends this week. Wow - what will I do with my time?

So - I guess it's back to gardening then!!! Chris hates this season - I spend a small fortune on grandiose plans that usually don't work so well in our climate but I always have such high hopes. Poor guy - he loses his dining room to banana trees every fall/winter! One day, I will have a lush, tropical garden with lovely water features where I can waste my day pondering the world...

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