Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Family that sticks together - gets ill together

It's official. The whole stinkin family is sick. Poor Riley is out of school again today - AJ is on manny duty. She was erping all night again. I put her in bed with me so I could hear her - so Chris slept on the couch. Not sure which one of us got more sleep though! I just called Mellisa in sick from school. Unfortunately, Chris and I both went to work but feeling puny. Still no signs for Alyx or AJ - but the week is young. I think we can blame this one on Kiel - he was sick first.

Which leads me to my next disgusting thought... Just as there are wide ranges of sneeze volumes - I believe that there are for vomiting. I don't know what I was thinking when I put Riley in bed with me. I could have heard her from the neighbor's house...

I wonder if I should blame all of this on Aunt Janet - she was actually sick before Kiel!!

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  1. Guilty as charged. Unless it was your Aunt Ann, she did end up in the hospital last month.