Monday, March 23, 2009

Uncle Lou

We picked up Uncle Lou for the weekend. We try to get him once a month - but it seems closer to 6 weeks in the winter. It's very hard for Lou to stay at our house in the winter. He paces like a caged animal in a zoo. This weekend was a better weekend weather-wise - and I even found a chore for him to do outside - pooper scooping. I know, it seems mean - but he really does like helping. He doesn't do the best job on any project that I give him but let's face it - if he picked up half - that's better than it was!

He walked in this weekend with a swollen eye. He said it was a black eye - which was not black at all - just swollen. Mellisa (who had to pick him up since Chris and I had hair appointments) said the nurse told us to just rinse it frequently. So - I asked Lou what happened. He did a dipsy doodle, interlaced his fingers, went thru a time warp and they turned his eyeball inside out and put it back in - this is the shortened version by the way. I start zoning out the second I hear the dipsy doodle explanation as that usually means another five minutes of baloney. Now, he believes the baloney - so I smile and nod and say, interesting - bet that hurt.

He drives Lee crazy. I try to look at it as entertainment value - and try very hard not to think about the Lou that I remember before he turned loopy - that makes me sad.

He did shave and his nails are cut - so he doesn't look nearly as Charles Manson-ey. The girls love to play with him - he will play dolls or whatever for hours. And plays fetch with Tanner - so he does help around the house. We do have to fumigate the bedroom when he leaves but I guess that's just part of it.

He watched the NCAA games with us - and seemed to enjoy that. And he really appreciates whatever Chris cooks. I know that his life at Sharon Woods is hell - but I am not sure he really notices.

Chris took him back last night - stopped and bought him instant coffee and cigs - normal procedure. Chris is a good husband - he has always taken care of Lou and never held it against me - he's a good soul.

I'm never sure if Lou realizes his illness - I think he is just lost in his own mind....

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