Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss Riley

Well, Riley is turning 8 today! Somehow, she managed to carry 3 dozen cookies and 30 juice boxes to school today in her basketball bag. This teacher really whoops it up on birthdays - Riley gets to bring a book from home and read it to her class as well as share treats. And of course, miss thing has no problem standing in front of the class sharing - she LOVES being the center of attention.

Tonight, we are having a basketball cake. This is Riley's new passion - she is actually very good at it. I put two cake mixes in a giant glass bowl and cooked it. So - after I leveled it - it looks like half a ball. I'll ice tonite before she gets off the bus. Can't wait to see how orange our tongues get!

Tomorrow is the party. She wanted a bball party - so all of the guests were told to wear a jersey or fav team tshirt. Lots of bball games - and luckily, the weather is going to be perfect to play outside. Our backup plan was the high school gym - sometimes it pays to have keys to the building! She only invited the girls in the class - so I hope this goes well. We included referee whistles in the treat bags. I told Chris SEVERAL times that the treat bags are handed out AS THEY WALK OUT THE DOOR. Parents will just love us...

Funny how much Riley has changed over a year. Last year, everything was pink and tulle and princess-y. Who knows what next year will bring?

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  1. Happy Birthday to the lovely Riley. Aunt Janet and Uncle Marty send their love.