Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kiel & Basketball

I am having a very hard time understanding Kiel's basketball coach. I just about want to kill him - luckily, the season is over so he has been granted a stay of execution. Poor Kiel. He sat on that bench for 2 years waiting for his chance. He grew (and grew and grew). He attended a camp in Peoria the entire summer for big men. Every night he would drive over there by himself and would be bored to tears since he had no competition. The coach told him repeatedly - hang in there, come to practice, go to the camps, lift, run, etc. and you will get your chance. When was that? How many teams would have a 7 foot guy sitting on the bench? Kiel would make a 'mistake' and the coach would scream at him and he would sit the rest of the game. Now, I don't have a problem with the screaming itself - but the fact that the coach was not consistently screaming at the whole team when mistakes were made was bothersome. I had so many people come up to me and ask if Kiel was injured or is the coach just an idiot? Well, I know Kiel was not injured - so I just let them make their own conclusion.

Anyway - Kiel was being recruited by division one schools. Not many D1 kids sit on the bench or only get 4 minutes of playing time! I think that the coach has ruined his chances for full scholarships. He will probably have to play at a junior college and then transfer IF he is given an opportunity. I completely blame his coach for this situation.

After Kiel turned in his uniform yesterday - the coach said, we'll work on getting you into a school now. WHAT??? With what magical statistics will you be using for that? The LAST person that I want help from is that coach. Kiel is a good kid and just told him sure - thanks.

Chris and I want to just have 5 minutes with that coach and tell him what we think about his abilities - but I won't do it. Regardless of his inadequacies, I was always told to respect the coach. But boy, is it hard. I think he made HUGE mistakes - and as long as he coaches at our school - more and more kids are going to suffer because of it.

Anyway, I am the banquet planner. I have such mixed emotions. I really am ONLY doing this for the Seniors - could care less about the coach or his 'team'. My son has played with a couple of these kids since 2nd grade and they deserve to be recognized regardless of the season. I have made replicas of their jerseys out of white foam board and black card stock and have found a zillion pictures to add to the back. I will hang them - so they look like the retired jerseys that many arenas hang. And cake - can't go wrong with cake.

I feel so badly for Kiel - he's a good kid and deserved so much more. I respect him so much for taking it night after night but hanging in there - staying as positive as possible and supporting his team.

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