Monday, March 16, 2009

Party Pooped

Party was not what we expected at all. Turns out - Riley is WAY more athletic than the other girls in the class. Weather was beautiful so we were able to play all of our basketball games outside. Well, the other little girls didn't want to play bball games - so I had a minor panic attack. I had a zillion cute little things planned. What do I do with these girls for another hour? AJ to the rescue - he ran inside - did a quick google search and came up with a few little more 'girly' games to play - inside - that did not require any ball handling skills. Lots of dancing and music - they were happy. More important - Riley was still happy. I owe him big time!!!

Riley is something else. Anything she tries to do - she has to be the best. I am very proud of her though - even when she isn't - she handles defeat very well - on the surface at least. I see her as one big over achiever in the future.

The big kids are noticing more and more the intelligence level of Riley and Alyx. Alyx has been tested at a 5th grade level (she is in 1st grade) and has her reading time with the principal. Riley is above grade as well but she is more into the Student Council and leadership. I find it fascinating how different the two 'sets' of kids are. Same mom - but wow, those dad genes really make a difference. The older three have to fight to get good grades and it just comes naturally to the younger two. Maybe I did something different with the 2nd group - they do have older sibs to watch and learn from too. Just interesting...

Anyway - Riley developed a horrible fever and slept most of Sunday. AJ is home with her today - he is such a good kid. It always scares me when she gets sick - I will worry about her forever. I am sure it is just the flu... At least she has lots of new Webkins to play with today - and the rest of the High School Musical DVD collection to watch!

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