Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm old

A girlfriend of mine works at Lenscrafters part-time. It had been awhile since I had my eyes checked - so I went.

The eye doctor seems to think that I am old and now need bifocals. OK - so my arms aren't quite long enough to read anymore, but hey - bifocals?

Holly (the friend) also does my hair. So she had picked out some of the most lovely, yet funky, frames that matched me and could still do the no-line thing so I wouldn't announce to the world that I am old.

The glasses I now don have the same brown/red/blonde color bands as my hair and I look good.... And I have already learned to NOT look down while doing stairs!


  1. And then you will learn that you are my age and really need trifocals, but won't wear them. At least God made me binocular so I can avoid the bifocals except when driving, and wear the cute cheaters in between. I keep trying to look like Julia Roberts in Peican Brief, but . . . Thanks for the instructions! I am now "googled". Love, Auntie Ann

  2. You are soooo my child. I was in my early 40's. I didn't even wear glasses and they started me off in Bifocals! Glasses have become a fashion statement for me. I have green, red, black and silver, and red and black. They all are funky and in your face.

    You are good if you can do stairs. I usually take my glasses off to go down stairs.
    Love Aunt Janet