Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost over!

I have only two more concession stands for this school year - whew... I had a Booster meeting and sort of lost my temper. I am sick and tired of listening to parents boo hoo and whine about how busy they are and how they just can't donate three freakin hours of their time - YET - they complain when there is no money in the budget for their child to get the swanky-do warm-ups provided by the school (for example). HELLO? Where do you think the money comes from?

I had surgery last Wednesday - supposed to have bed rest for five days. Saturday - bright and early - I am opening the stupid stand for an all day basketball tourney. I check the cashbox on Sunday - $400. What??? Did they give food away??? We didn't even come close to covering the stock! Monday - the nichols/turpin family is working the stand by ourselves - we cleared $500 in 4 hours. Tuesday - I'm working completely alone and grab whatever students I can snag as they leave practices - we clear $350 in 3 hours. Kiel even played on Tuesday and I didn't get to watch since no parents volunteered AGAIN!

So I was a bit bitter on Wednesday night for the meeting. Coaches want money - parents want money - but no one wants to put forth effort to make the money. Concessions tonight and Friday night. And after my temper tantrum, I do have some help both nights!

They are just forcing me to be a giant b*tch...

Anyway - Friday is the last one untill next school year!!! My back will be soooo happy!

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  1. I feel your pain. When Erik was in band, the band parents ran the concession stands. If you didn't work, your child didn't play. And we did bingo and the kids had to work. X number of hours for parents and kids. Maybe some kids should sit out a game.