Thursday, March 19, 2009


So - worry wart mom finally called the pediatrician. At some point, enough is enough. Riley couldn't keep anything down and looked horrible. The nurse says - what makes you think she is dehydrated? I wanted to say - I dunno - maybe cause she is my 4th kid, her eyes are sunken, she is lethargic and only has one kidney? Instead - I spit out, I worry about her since she is a cancer survivor and her eyes don't look right. I am not sure I will ever get past the cancer thing.

Anyway - Chris takes her to the Dr. since last night was the big dessert reception for the basketball team that I was in charge of. I am busy hanging decorations when I get the text, we are headed to the hospital. What? Now what do I do? This is Kiel's big night - I have this event - and my daughter is headed to the hospital? I am a very lucky woman though as I am married to the most wonderful man who handles crisis extremely well. He told me to stay - enjoy the evening and he would text me with updates.

Needless to say - I could barely tell anyone a single thing any of those coaches said as I was texting thru the whole event. But - Kiel did get a big plaque for his Most Improved efforts. The decorations rocked - and I got tons of pictures. Great event - went well - super turn out.

Riley is a trooper. Chris said she handled the IV just fine - poor thing is sooo used to needles anymore. I called her a zillion times - she said - Mom, I have this huge tube in my hand that is giving me fluids and I feel better already! They pumped 2 bags of fluid - plus chicken soup with invisible chicken (Riley's words) along with anti-vomit meds. And the pediatrician had xrays done to check for pneumonia - Riley loved the wheelchair ride. They released her about midnight. She looked 110% better already.

I hope that this is the end of this sickness.

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  1. OK, it was Aunt Ann that passed this on. She did the hospital thing just like Riley. I just stayed home and threw up. So very glad Riley is better.

    Love you all.