Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another senior..

We have to order Mellisa's cap and gown and announcements this week. Wow, didn't we just do this???

Last night was the Senior kickoff. It was all of the counselors and a panel of college admission counselors. I think all this event did was scare Mellisa.

Mellisa does not have a plan. All of her friends have a plan. Most of them have either been accepted or know exactly where they are going to college. Most even think they know what they want to do.

Mellisa doesn't know if she is even going to play basketball this year. So who knows if a scholarship is possible or not. She has no idea where she wants to go - nothing really even excites her right now. And we won't even talk about a field of study.

I still think she should try meteorology. Her favorite movie has always been Twister and she has wanted to be a tornado chaser ever since. And the other night, we sat and watched the Weather Channel. How many kids her age watch weather patterns and enjoy it?

So - we are no closer to making any decisions than we were five years ago. Oh well - lots can change in a few months...

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