Monday, August 10, 2009

Small world

In my job, I am on the phone - a lot. I talk to agents all over the country. I have a few that I am very fond of - and quite a few, not so much. Anyway - I bonded over one of the agents from Elizabeth, IL.

I helped him open his new office which turns out to be across the street from a little wedding chapel that Chris and I were married in. His office was a horrible install - anything that could go wrong - did. Not really anything that had to do with me - but his electrician was basically an idiot - which affected me. Anyhow, we must have talked every day for about a month. He was always trying to talk me into visiting Elizabeth again and bringing my hubby and we would all double date... And of course, I share everything with Chris - so he knew all about Bob.

Saturday was rough. It was 110 degrees and that was the day that Boosters was cleaning the football field and surrounding grounds. I was dirty, sweaty and downright nasty. Chris comes walking over with some guy - and yells, Lisa, I think you know this guy. Never seen him before in my life. The guy gives me a big hug - turns out, it is my old buddy Bob! What a small world!

Bob was at the baseball field with his step son for a baseball recruiting showcase event. Bob likes to talk. He saw Chris painting paw prints on the sidewalk - and just thought he would chit chat. One thing led to another - and they both figured out that they had a connection...

That made my day almost worth all of that horrible hard labor!!!

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