Monday, August 3, 2009


We made to church Sunday with Grandpa. His discussion on his photography work was actually quite a learning experience. I have been to several of his gallery showings and of course, have seen the pictures hanging at his house and ours. But - I have never heard the 'behind the scenes' stories about the photos. For example, one of my favorites is this giant rock in the center of a crater - black and white of course. The detail is amazing in the rock. Anyhow, I had never heard about the rattler that was right behind him and how he refused to leave before he had the perfect shot!

Mark and his new wife were there. I thought I understood Mark - but now I realize, I never will. And part of me, sad to say, is not sure I want to. He exhausts me. Such a pitiful situation...

The best part of the day was the girlfriends. Grandpa (82) is all about eHarmony. He has met several women. His first main girlfriend also went to his church. They dated for maybe a year or so - and she ended it. I liked her - she seemed very nice. So - he searched again. This girlfriend is feisty - I like that. She came to church with us also. Girlfriend #1 (80) was in charge of the refreshments for the service. Girlfriend #2 (78) sat with us. Grandpa held her hand thru most of the service - it was very sweet. Girlfriend #1 kept glancing over - and I am sure that's one of the reasons why Grandpa did it! After the service, Girlfriend #2 whispers to me, I am going to go tell Girlfriend #1 how much I loved her brownies. So now, both of Grandpa's women are in the kitchen. Wow - this was an interesting church service! After a few minutes, Girlfriend #2 comes back with the recipe and giggling. I really like her... I told her that it is funny that no matter how old we get, women are all the same!!

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