Friday, July 31, 2009


As Riley has told me several times tonite, I am addicted. I personally blame Aunt Janet and my friend Erika for this.

I spent hours playing on there tonite. I chatted for a while with some old childhood friend of Chris' - Cameron. Keep in mind, I don't know him - Chris did! He seems like someone I would love to know though! May just have to meet him (and fam) one weekend for pizza!

Just when I think I am caught up on friends - someone else comes along. For example - an old friend Tom - who is now Thom. Seems like not only have we both aged (he has aged very well if you look at his pics) but changed political parties and views! How fun... I would love to find more people - it is such fun looking at their kids...

And there is just not enough time to tag photos! I haven't even dragged out all of the scrapbooks to scan photos yet!


  1. Why do you blame everything on me?

  2. Cause I love you? It's only the good stuff!!!