Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Riley loves sports. She has more heart, dedication and drive than any kid I have seen at that age.

She is nearing the end of softball season. Actually, volleyball starts Thursday and her last softball game is Saturday - so a bit of an overlap.

Anyway, she loves to play catcher. And she is serious about her position. She is one of the few on the team that can throw from the plate to the pitcher. Last night, she was her normal aggressive self. A runner was coming into home and Riley had no intention of letting her on that plate. Big collision - Riley ends up flat on her back. She stayed there for a little bit. Coaches swarming her, etc. I stayed in my seat. She left the game and a tiny bit of tears are flowing (Riley doesn't cry). The opposing coach tells his girls - let's not run down other players. One of the dads says nonchalantly, well, she was just trying to get to the plate.

If it was anyone else, I would have thought - wow, way to take the hit for the team. But Riley has that single kidney - and I worry. I jump up and go check on her. She is having some breathing issues and holding her stomach. The coach thought she just got the wind knocked out of her. I whispered in her ear to suck it up and get a great hit (she was lead off batter). She smiled and was fine again.

I walk back to my chair. One of the moms asked if she was ok - and I said she was fine - that I just worry too much since she has the one kidney. I think I will always worry and I guess I need to get over it.

Chris just smiles at me. Riley likes sports and this is just going to be part of it.

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