Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Those family trips...

My Auntie Ann sent me an email the other day that just made me giggle. I guess that Aunt Janet was reminiscing about a trip that my family took to visit California during their recent visit.

Back in the day, my family camped - a lot. We had a nice, large pull camper. At some point, Mom and Dad thought it would be a great idea to buy one of those driving campers. Now, we did not have a ton of money so this was a huge splurge. And being as we didn't have a ton of money, it was probably the smallest version of a 'drive' camper that one could buy. I honestly think they bought it for this HUGE trip they had planned to visit my aunt Janet and uncle Marty in California.

Please keep in mind - I was in high school when we took this journey of hell.

These are my memories of the trip - which looking back - are hysterical. I am sure that Lee and Lou have different memories but I am writing this blog! Actually, I hate to think what Lou
'remembers' but that's another story...

I remember driving down the highway and the truckers referring to some 'moon' on the CB radio (yes, I am THAT old). Turns out, Lee was in the top bunk that overhung (?) the drive portion of the camper sound asleep. At some point, his little PJ bottoms had been pulled down (no, I DID NOT do this) and his little fanny was broadcasted to everyone - hence, the moon. I remember going to Lake Tahoe and the damn lake was freezing and there was snow at the campground - and we had shorts. That was also the location that the brand new camper decided to break down. We spent some lovely quality time listening to Dad cuss like a drunken sailor while we waited for parts. I remember the septic's lid (or whatever it's called) falling off and Dad spraying the highway for miles while it emptied. Some nice boys in a convertible pulled up while we were going down the road and told Dad that he was leaking fluids. Dad just smiled and waved. Keep in mind, we haven't even reached California yet.

Finally, we are there. Exhausted - and probably smelling not so great. The shower in the camper was on top of the toilet. You just made sure that you closed the lid. I refused to use it for showering purposes.

I don't know who - but someone thought it would be fun to take our camper down that tiny little highway that goes right along the coast. Yes, the camper was small - but next to a freakin cliff - it was HUGE. Aunt Janet took our lovely wildflowers off of the table (Mom tried to make it look homey) and laid on the floor like a dead soul. Funniest dang thing I have ever seen. If you looked out the window to the right - all you saw was ocean. No road - no pavement - nothing at all but down.

I also remember going to the Painted Desert and sleeping thru it. I remember being completely disappointed at the petrified forest - just a bunch of rocks in sand - no forest - who knew? I also remember camping somewhere and it being like 115 degrees. Who planned that stop???

Anyway - thanks for the giggles Aunt Janet (via Aunt Ann). That was fun.

Oh - and Lee - I am sure you have your own comments to make now!

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  1. I remember that awful trip down to Muir Woods and on to Stinson Beach. Your Mother and I were terrified of that road. And she was in the floor with me. You rotten kids, mine with you, kept pointing out wrecked cars at the bottom of the canyon. Then we had to go back up that damn mountain on the outside sans guard rail.