Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am beat

I usually don't complain about my job. 95% of the time, I love my job. I am extremely happy and lucky to even have a job considering everything going on in the country.


I was so exhausted last night, I broke down and cried. Ten hour days are not my friend. Our little team has been instructed by upper, upper, upper management to upgrade every field office's speed asap. There are about 1500 offices. The exasperating part of this is that the software program that is hogging all of the bandwidth is STILL GOING TO HOG the speed no matter what we do. This is a case of the agents in the field complaining to the right director and we all have to jump - regardless. There is an accelerator program that is being deployed in August. This effort WILL help with the slow speeds. We have been told we can't wait. So, I am losing my mind trying to get my offices done - while still doing my normal job.

I had a field visit with the Director of Facilities yesterday - so I was on my best behavior for 5 hours while slugging around a construction site with various contractors. And of course, I had on heels and swanky do clothes since i was hanging with a muckity-muck. Luckily, this guy is one of the nicest men I have met so it was a pleasant experience.

I came back to HELL. I have been battling Charter to get an office in by 7/1 (it's open date) and of course, there were all sorts of technical problems on their end - which I cannot fix. But trying to explain that to a manager who has agents that can't move is next to impossible. I understand - they need to move - they need to work - and from their viewpoint, its just a little cable - what could go wrong???? The manager fired off a lovely email about not only my disaster - but the lease, the phones, the sign, etc. I guess I was just the straw that broke the camels back. This email went to every upper management person that this guy had ever heard of. Fantastic.

Then I go home - late. We had dinner plans with Chris' dad and his new girlfriend. I walk in the house - it is a mess. I have just worked 10 hours - and i come home to a mess. I have never met this woman and first impressions are important to me. 5 children were home all damn day - you would think someone could do something? I lost it. It's amazing how much my crying can speed up some cleaning. AJ made me a drink - I sat on the couch - boohooing - drinking thru my little straw. House looked wonderful in under 20 minutes. Dried my eyes - put on a happy face and went to dinner. It was wonderful - she is fantastic. Grandpa has found another good one. We bonded over gardening...

Today - better but not much. I am very glad I have a three day weekend...

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  1. You go girl--tears rule!!lOVE YOU, aUNT aNN--ps aj kyle mellisa riley aly---CLEAN THE DAMN HOUSE!!