Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Brothers & the weekend update

Happy Birthday to Lee today! I have no idea where he is - but I am sure he is somewhere warm, lovely, full of history and having a wonderful fun drink!

We had Lou visit this weekend. He is on a new medication - he was very sedate and not very talkative or entertaining for that matter. We always have him sleep in Riley's room so he can have some privacy but for some reason, he slept on the couch in the basement every night. I am not quite sure why - maybe it was dark and quiet and cool? Oh well, he seemed ok with it. We let him pick a bunch of stuff out for his birthday (his was the 25th). He grabbed socks, t-shirts, a belt and some tennies along with his coffee and cigs. Grandmother sent him some money in a card so he kept that for later. Aunt Ann sent him a card - he must have read that thing 20 times. He made sure he took both cards back to his room.

The rain on Saturday certainly dampened the big family picnic plans. We decided just to drive over to our normal spot and sit in chairs and watch from afar rather than sit in the mud at the park grounds. Lou didn't want to go - not sure what that was about either.

I cleared out a nice big path in the weeds using an old piece of siding. We sat in our chairs a good 30 minutes waiting on the fireworks (they were running very late due to the weather). We started hearing this strange hissing sound - sort of gas leak sound - not a snake-like intermittent sound. We were in a subdivision area that had not completely been developed yet so a gas leak wouldn't be that outlandish of a possibility. Anyway - I grabbed the girls and we moved far away behind the van. AJ and Chris thought it deserved further investigation and had their cell phones down near the ground trying to see something. AJ folded up his chair and started poking and the hissing stopped. Hmmm.... Now, our neighbors were with us - and Larry thought he needed a closer look too. Hissing started again. Larry mildly says, ouch - I think I just got stung. Yea, we found a bee's nest or something. Larry is allergic. Great. Larry and his wife go running off to get whatever drug you take when you are allergic - leaving their daughter with us. The girls watched the fireworks from inside the van. I love our family outings!


  1. Your camping tales underscore why Marty and I don't camp. Your love of camping is what proves you are Maryann's and not my baby.

  2. Thanks for the Birthday wishes at the beginning. I am in Spain having the day from hell. A student got her laptop stolen. I had to take another to the emergency room with a sprained ankle. Still, it probably beats a weekend with Lou! One more week to go and then will be back in Iowa. You guys should come camp there!