Monday, July 13, 2009

It all started with the waffles.

I make an effort at breakfast every Sunday. It's tradition. My dad would always stay home from church while the rest of us went. He said that he attended enough church as a Catholic boy that he didn't need to go anymore. All I know is that I came home there would be a small feast waiting for us - plus the Sunday paper.

We were out of eggs. I didn't know that - there tends to be too many cooks in my house and only one (Chris) doing the shopping. My waffles were already started so there was no turning back - Chris ran to the store.

What to do while I waited? I finally started a Facebook page. Now, I have no idea what I am doing but at least I am trying. Isn't that what everyone does while they wait for eggs?

Chris, Mellisa and I went to the Sugar Creek Arts Festival. It is an annual event held in uptown Normal - and for some reason, we always miss it. I was expecting something different. Yes, there were beautiful things there but I was expecting more artisans actually demonstrating their craft - this was more of a marketing event. There were 2 booths that caught my eye. My Uncle Marty blows glass - so of course, I now have an interest. This is very similar to when he was into stained glass - now I love looking at those pieces. Anyhow - this booth had the same type of hearts that Uncle Marty makes - but they didn't seem as clear to me - and they had a little curlicue on the end that made them look a bit strange. He did have quite a few bowls and vases that were very pretty. Nothing nearly as elaborate as Uncle Marty but I guess he had to think about what would sell as something like this event. He also had pendants that were gorgeous. I was very, very tempted on those... The other booth that I found interesting was clay sculpture. This artisan molded faces. Not a whole face - just a portion of a face. My favorite was just a nose, mouth and chin. Kind of fun. Mellisa always gravitates toward photos of gritty city scapes - like a giant DINER sign or something like that. I like that she has her own opinions - I don't think I even thought about those things when I was her age. Chris was hot - and I think was just humoring me all afternoon but at least he went!

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