Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Visited old Dr. Quimby today. I know he is old enough to retire - but he keeps hanging in there!

His family used to own Quimby's Pharmacy in downtown Clinton on the Square. I stopped there just about every day after jr high with my best friend, Debbie Bostwick. We spent our lunch money on a bag of sour cream potato chips, a fountain cola and 2 pieces of bubble gum. I loved going there - the pharmacy was all the way in the back on the left. On the right was a long marble counter with those padded swivel chairs. There was the same old lady with the hair net - can't remember her name - with the soda stuff and the grill, etc. It burned down sometime when I was in high school. I miss that place...

So - Dr. Quimby (dermatologist) said I am good to go for another year. No super suspicious moles this time (YEA!!!). I have a strange red spot on my left cheekbone. He wanted to send me to a laser guy to get the blood vessels reduced. I asked if I had to - everyone thinks i just have on blush! So - unless it gets worse, we are just letting that go too....

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