Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss Alyx

Alyx is a night owl. She stays up late - very late. I am about at my wit's end with her. She has teen sleeping habits already.

Riley is the opposite. Early to bed and a very early riser. Definitely my child when it comes to sleeping habits.

Riley and Alyx each have their own room, but in the summer they like to have 'sleepovers' in each other's room. Last night - the girls are in Riley's room - along with Tanner (he thinks he is one of the girls). TV goes off at 8pm. I say good night - they are now laying in a dark room. 11:40pm - I hear noise. The girls are still up and giggling! This is VERY rare for Riley - and a nightly occurrence for Alyx. I get up - I yell - and there is scrambling under the covers - including the dog.

Of course, Chris slept thru the whole dang thing. He misses everything.

In the morning, I like to kiss the girls goodbye. Now, they are sound asleep at 5:30am but nevertheless - I feel better. I can't find Alyx. She was in the bed with Riley at midnight. I searched the basement - sometimes she wanders into AJ's room. Chris searches upstairs. We can't find her. I re-search upstairs - Chris is a man after all and they can't find anything. Alyx is buried behind Mellisa in her little twin bed. Good grief.

I keep reminding Chris that I would have about been done with this whole parenting thing if we wouldn't have met!!!

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