Tuesday, June 30, 2009


She's back...

We dogsit - a lot. Sooki is my favorite. She is massive - I can't remember what type of dog but she is huge. And she is blonde and furry. She looks like a XXXL version of our chow, Butterball. And she is just the sweetest thing in the world. One bad thing - she tends to think of herself as a lapdog - which is like having AJ sitting on me! Very nice and loving - but not something I would want to experience on a regular basis!

My favorite Sooki story happened about a year ago. She likes to sleep in our room on the floor. One night - the bed is shaking. I am scolding her for wagging her tail. Then I notice - she is no where near the bed! It was one of those little earthquakes tremors. Now, in California - they happen all of the time - NEVER happen in Illinois! Poor Sooki - she had no idea what was wrong with me!

I will have to take a pic and add...

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