Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miss Alyx

The Princess turns 7 today. Wow - even my baby is getting old now... Alyx is a unique little girl. She is petite and prissy - likes clothes, jewelry, purses, dolls and is neat as a pin. Exact opposite of Riley - or anyone else in the family!

Usually, we take a little weekend trip for her birthday. Summer birthdays make it so difficult to have a party with friends - and we figure we spend less on a trip than we would on a party anyhow! We were kind of wiped from the Reunion this year so we postponed the trip this year. She wants to go to Indy - stay in a train car at Union Station and visit the Zoo and the Children's Museum (Indy's is VERY nice). So we will do this in July. We thought we would take her camping this weekend so she would still have something special to do. It is too stinkin hot. So now we are at a loss. Maybe dad can think of something today...

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  1. Well how about an indoor camping party? Build a tent with blankets over chairs, blankets on the floor for a picnic, and rent movies to watch all night. If you have a gas stove you can roast marshmellows. Your great grandmother let us do sparklers in the house. And I was the crazy mother who chased my child and his friends in the house with a super shooter water gun.