Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots to share

Big travel weekend for the fam...

First of all - we managed to get the two rental cars wheeled and dealed into one 15 passenger van - same price even. So we traveled in style to KY in a church van.

Second - our air in our house is out. It is hell. Repairman comes today. It was nice to get away in an air conditioned van to an air conditioned hotel room!

Next - Mellisa, Riley, Chris and myself traveled to Cumberland Falls. I love it there. The trees, the sound of the water - it is lovely. KY has had a lot of water. Riley said it looked like a chocolate fountain. I really would love to rent one of their little cottages one year and stay awhile. I remember doing that when I was younger. I remember hiking and being crowded and hot. And if you walked off the back porch - you would fall off a cliff!

Reunion was wonderful. Great turn out - only people missing that I tend to hang out with were Robert Bruce, Cindy and Josh. I really missed them. They have to be one of the sweetest families I know - proud to call them cousins. I guess the economy in Michigan is just killing their business. It must be horrible for Robert Bruce - I just feel so badly for them. No drama this year which was a nice change. Just a nice weekend.

Onto the big news - AJ won the cup! Cindy, last year's winner, wrote the nicest note but didn't reveal who the winner was until the very end - Aunt Sally read the note. I had no idea who the winner was - she mentioned that it was going to someone that was very quiet. I should have known it was AJ right then since 95% of the Hollins are loud!!! His little face just turned to absolute shock - then his little tears started. Which of course, prompted my tears. He gave the sweetest, most genuine little acceptance speech. He is the most kind kid with the biggest heart... So thank you Cindy - AJ is just on Cloud 9 and is so very proud and humbled...

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  1. I loved this. Mother had told me AJ had won the trophy. How wonderful.