Sunday, June 7, 2009

The bedroom

Well - I hate my bedroom. It is too big. I know - most people complain that their bedroom is too small - but trust me - too much of a good thing is horrible too.

Currently, we have our queen bed, 3 dressers, 2 bookcases, 2 desks, my sewing table, 2 stacked cabinets and Chris' gigantic fish tank. It is the only room that has not been papered or painted. I did watch a show on HGTV a few years back and we decided to do as they suggested and 'create' a wall down one side to give the appearance of two rooms. Yea, that doesn't work. And without fail, when someone is coming over - everything gets thrown into our bedroom. Shoes, coats, laundry baskets - whatever is laying around.

We decided to move the fish tank into the hall. This is not a small undertaking. The stupid thing is the same length as our headboard. Originally, we put the tank in our room since I love the sound of water - it's comforting. Unfortunately, if you don't keep the tank full, it sounds more like Niagara Falls in the springtime! So, it wasn't just a small decision - it was more like an ultimatum. It was me or the tank.

The bookcases that the girls used that were in the hall are now in their rooms (one each). The tank will go in the hall. I did the prep work. Chris is spending the entire day moving the tank. Catching the fish took him about an hour. Little fish are quick. Now he is saving as much water as he can so the fish don't have major shock.

Hopefully, we can work on rearranging this week. I am not a typical female - once furniture is in place - I leave it there. Chris and Kiel love to rearrange. So I may just stay out of the way and let them have at it...

Regardless - I will be much happier!!!

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