Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Car rentals

Chris and I made the decision to rent a van to go to the Reunion. I love my old ghetto van but I don't think I trust it enough to drive all the way to London - plus, the air stopped working a year ago. And if you read Aunt Janet's blog lately, you would know that Kentucky is beautiful but muggy and humid so air is a requirement.

So - priced a ton of places. Enterprise had the best deals and unlimited mileage. The funny thing - we can rent 2 cars cheaper than one van. This is including the gas consumption and everything. We went to the office rather than online since we assumed the office could make us a deal. No such luck.

We will be journeying in 2 midsize vehicles to KY next weekend. Mellisa has already assigned the seating arrangements - girl car and a boy car. Great - my car will be sleeping the whole way...

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  1. Two cars. Reminds me when you started driving, you declared smoking and non smoking cars.