Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The heat...

It's hot.
Very hot.

The air in the house is fixed - just in time. Just needed coolant... The air is not working in either vehicle but we drive with the windows down and I don't care about the hair anymore so it's fine...

Riley's softball game last night ended after 2 innings. It was too hot for the girls.

Alyx's cheer camp is indoors.

AJ's work is not air conditioned but he is off until Thursday so maybe it will be cooler by then.

Chris got half the jungle mowed yesterday - maybe the rest tonight.

We picked the dogs up from doggie daycare yesterday. They are happy to be home - but don't want to go outside. We did get Butterball shaved a bit so maybe he will be a bit cooler with his thick fur coat.

It's the kind of weather that I just want to lay around and not do a dang thing...

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