Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strawberry patch

Chris and I completed a little project last night. Well, it started on Sunday and I finished it last night.

We have several raised garden beds. One is dedicated for strawberries. We used to have a horrible problem with rabbits. Tanner (our dog) figured out how to catch and eat them and we also put a chicken wire cover over the top - so the rabbit problem diminished considerably. We now have birds.

At one time, we didn't have birds. Our subdivision was built in the middle of an old soybean field. No trees, no grass, just dirt. All landscaping has been done by the builder or in our case, me. Since we have lived here almost 10 years now, plants and trees are getting much larger and can actually support wildlife now. I remember one morning waking to the sound of birds chirping and thinking how lovely and how much I missed that sound. Now, I want the birds to go away - especially the thrush - at least that is what Chris thinks it is. This bird family has a soft brown color with super long beaks. They are able to sit on the chicken wire and poke into my lovely garden bed of strawberries and suck out the middles. Very frustrating.

I had this wonderful idea to build a large structure out of 2x4's. Until - I started carrying the 2x4's out to the back yard and realized how heavy the dang thing would be!!! So, I went online and found a fantastic idea for a screen. The Internet is wonderful. Chris bought all of my supplies (he is the super shopper of the family - I HATE shopping unless it is on-line). Anyway - he bought 10 3-foot stakes of the covered rebar, mosquito netting and 3 30-foot lengths of clear plastic tubing. We put the stakes on each side of the bed - slid the tubing over the stakes - and laid the netting over it and pinned the sides down with huge binder clips. It looks like a little tent now. Perfect! I am very proud!!!

The best part - the birds sit on top of the tubes - about 2 feet from the tallest strawberry plant and make these angry clicking sounds!!!

This is the page I found...


  1. Lisa, I will have Marty check this out. We have problems with grapes; birds and squirels go for them.

  2. You can also buy some mylar tape and cut it in about 6" lengths and tie it to the stakes or netting. The mylar sparkles in the breeze and scares the birds away. Vineyards use it to keep birds from eating grapes. Good luck and enjoy your strawberries.

    Uncle Marty